Helsinki Open Wrestling Tournament 2021
Helsinki, 27.-28.11.2021
Wrestler informations
WrestlerAmir Mohammad NavaziNUMBER COMPETITORS3
ClubReza Safaei WANumber of Matches2
District Number of wins2
CategoryU17 boys 2004-2006Class. Points7 : 1
Weight48kgTechnical points18 : 4
Ranking1.Born in-
Wrestler red / AREA FEDERATIONWrestler blue / AREA FEDERATIONPoints systemT. Point
N. 1st round
Shayan Ordoo
Reza Safaei WA
Amir Mohammad Navazi
Reza Safaei WA
VP 0:30 : 4
N. 3nd round
Amir Mohammad Navazi
Reza Safaei WA
Rowin Leil
Leicester WC
GS 4:114 : 4
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